Friday, March 21, 2014

Millie Brown: Vomit Artist

Of course I'm using the word artist in the loosest possible way. In case you haven't heard, self proclaimed vomit artist Millie Brown recently performed her shtick with/on Lady Gaga at the SXSW festival. In case you missed it, I've provided this handy looping GIF so that you can enjoy it over and over again.

This isn't the first time Millie has expressed herself all over Gaga. She also did so back in 2010 in the short concert video dubbed Exorcist Interlude.

So you might be wondering, how does vomit art work? Well, not so surprisingly, there isn't much to it. Basically, Millie doesn't eat for a couple of days to empty out her stomach. Then she goes to some pretentious art gallery, lays down a piece of white canvas screen and sets up her glasses of variously colored soy milk. Next, she drinks one of the glasses, walks over to the screen, sticks her fingers down her throat and vomits the colored milk onto the canvas. She repeats the drinking and the vomiting until she has finished creating her next masterpiece.

It seems all of the exposure she has gotten from puking on Lady Gaga has really paid off. Older articles stated that her work was selling for just over $2,000 a pop. Now it looks like they are going for around $20,000.

People: 'Vomit Artist' Millie Brown Defends Herself After Controversial SXSW Show with Lady Gaga

Daily Mail: 'It's like a cleanse for your body and mind': Vomit Painter artist throws up on canvas to create Jackson Pollock-style splatter paintings that Lady Gaga loves

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