Monday, April 21, 2014

Milo Moire: PlopEgg

Sorry I didn't get this out in time for Easter. German performance artist Milo Moire performs a piece cleverly titled PlopEgg in which she pushes paint filled eggs up her vagina, climbs a ladder, hovers over the canvas, then allows the eggs to fall, break and splatter into what I'm sure is an expensive piece of artwork.


The obvious metaphor of her giving birth to the work is expressed in a long string of pretentious, wordy paragraphs you can find in the YouTube description. Here is a sampling for your enjoyment:
"Milo Moire's performances start with daydreaming, with (every)daily, personal physical experiences which condense by wild associations to an internal whole piece of art about to mature and enter the world. The corporeity becomes the need for her artistic expression to make the happened - also for the spectator - experienceable. Milo Moire describes her art, as an „art led by intuition. To create art, I use THE original source of the femininity -- my vagina".