Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Take the poo to the loo

Here's a fun fact. In India it's estimated that around 600 million people poop out in the open everyday. Yep, about half of the country's population doo-doos outside which can be a real public health threat as well as just being, disgusting.

In an effort to raise awareness against open defecation, UNICEF has launched a social media campaign called "Take the Poo to Loo." The program is primarily aimed at urban youth, the majority of whom already use toilets, to get them to speak out against open defecation in hopes of creating a new social norm.

At the center of the new campaign is the character/mascot Mr. Poo. As to be expected, Mr. Poo is a giant piece of poop who is featured in various live-action and animated shorts the most popular of which is the music video Poo Party.

At you'll also find gems such as Poo Assault, A Stinky Symphony, Poo Attack and Poo Talking.

Whether or not the campaign will have an effect remains to be seen. In the mean time we can all enjoy some good old fashion poop humor.

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