Sunday, July 6, 2014

Crack Shack or Mansion

I had no idea that real estate prices in Vancouver were so insanely high. That is until I played Crack Shack or Mansion?

It's a simple enough game. Your'e presented with a picture of a house and asked to choose if you think it's a crack house or a Vancouver home which listed at over a million Canadian dollars (The Canadian/U.S. exchange rate is pretty close and all of the home presented are still over a million U.S. dollars, at least based on today's rates).

According to this article, foreign investors are responsible for driving up the price of  the average, single family Vancouver home to almost a million dollars. This is pretty crazy considering median income is only about seventy thousand.

Anyway, give Crack Shack or Mansion a try. And don't forget to also play Crack Shack or Mansion II. 

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