Wednesday, October 8, 2014

PSA Weird

Who doesn't love a good PSA?. All that awareness being raised and attitudes being changed. If it wasn't for public service announcements I would probably be a drug addicted arsonist with a venereal disease, recklessly injuring myself at work, throwing my trash on the street and crapping wherever I pleased.

What is the best way to inform dignified, venerable seniors of the importance of having safe sex? Apparently it is with a short PSA of seniors simulating various sex acts. Warning, viewing this video may cause your eyes to bleed.

Captain Lou Albano telling you don't do drugs...and if you do you'll go to hell before you die!

I used to think that venereal disease was just for a select few, but now I know it's for everybody!

After watching these Canadian workplace safety PSA's I'm terrified to leave the house. Thanks Canada!

Stopping forest fires by creeping people out?

I've already done a post on Take The Poo To The Loo but it may be the oddest PSA ever and certainly deserves to be on the list.

So what would a PSA directed by David Lynch look like? Pretty much what you would expect.

You know Spider-Man, you can buy a lot of bananas with the $400 bucks the mayor was about to give you.

Obviously Don't Copy That Floppy was a huge success since no one now steals digital media.

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