Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Performance Artist Kira O'Reilly

After my exposure to the works of Kira O'Reilly, I would say I find her performances to be both varied and consistent. They are varied in the sense that they always incorporate new and interesting ways to make you think, "What the fuck?" but consistent in that they always make think, "What the fuck?"

Let us begin with an early piece named 'Succour' performed back in 2001-2002. O'Reilly sits in a towel covered chair surrounded by white sand. She wraps tape around her body in a grid like pattern from the pits of her arms down to her ankles. Once the grid is completed, O'Reilly picks up a scalpel and starts cutting little diagonal slashes into each taped square. When finished, she removes the tape, puts a little piece of gauze onto each cut, then drops them onto the sand.

In 2006, O'Reilly performed "inthewrongplaceness" at the Newlyn Art Gallery, where she spent four hours naked hugging a dead pig. According to an article from the Daily Mail, she said the performance was an attempt to 'identify' with the pig which she, at various times, cut with a knife.

Animal rights activist were angered by "inthewrongplaceness" so O'Reilly responded with a performance called "Falling Asleep with a Pig" where, for a few days, she lived with a pig named Deliah in a specially constructed sty.

Kira has a number of projects she is currently performing, two of which are "Stair Falling" and "Slick Glittery". "Stair Falling" is exactly what it sounds like, except done in slow motion...and of course, naked.

Here is a video link showing a sample of "Stair Falling

In "Slick Glittery", O'Reilly enters a room with eggs and glitter placed throughout the floor. Then, over the course of the next four hours (and of course without any clothes on) she rolls about the floor, crushing the eggs beneath her body, letting the glitter stick to her skin.

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