Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Crispin Glover on Letterman

Let's take a trip back in time. The year is 1987. The place, Late Night with David Letterman. David's guest tonight is a young Crispin Glover. Glover, still bathing in the limelight after the success of Back to the Future in which he played the part of George McFly is supposed to be promoting his new movie River's Edge. Let's take a moment to enjoy a little late night history.

It's hard to say how much of what went on that night was drug induced, Glover being the weird guy that he is or Glover purposely playing out a role in an attempt to pick up the mantle of Andy Kaufman. Perhaps it was a combination of all three. In the end, it seems likely it was more of an artistic stunt and promotional piece for his movie Rubin and Ed, which had been in development for sometime and eventually released in 1991. In the film, Glover plays the part of a strange, socially inept young man named Rubin Farr, who more than resembles the Crispin Glover that appeared that night on the Late Show. 

Whatever the truth is, the combination of Glover's antics and Letterman's discomfort with the whole thing certainly makes it one for the late night t.v. history books.

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