Thursday, November 5, 2015

Fartemus Dingleberry

I haven't had much time recently to devote to the blog. I should probably change the name to Monthly Weird or Whenever I Get The Chance To Mess Around Weird but ultimately, I don't think anyone is going to mind that my post aren't consistent.

Anyway, I recently did find the time to fart around a bit and came across a YouTube channel named Fartemus Dingleberry. The channel has a simple, yet weird theme; take various short videos and edit them so that a woman featured in the video is headless. Generally, the missing head is either being held by the headless body or somewhere nearby. Many of the videos just kind of leave you impression that this guy probably just has some weird fetish but this video of Maria Menounos on Conan O'Brien got a chuckle out of me.