Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Performance Artist Emilia Pennanen

According to her website bio, Emilia Pennanen is a Finnish artist creating performances, videos, photography and sound of feminine bodies.

"My work aims to address the dilemma of the conventional ideals of the feminine body and the rules of a woman’s pleasure by placing the female in control of her body and desire."

Apparently the best way to do this is to cover your body in milk, sugar, red fruit or pigs blood. It's also important to slobber on your self while rubbing it all in.

In Sugared, Emilia puts some beet puree in her mouth then dribbles it out onto her body. She then pours sugar on top of her and starts licking it off.

Performance of Sugared at Labbodies on March of 2014.

BloodCube and SpitFace
Collaborative work with Jennifer Wright. One girl rubs what I assume to be frozen pigs blood on herself while the other rubs in her own spit.

Blood Cube
Solo performance of Blood Cube

Blood Cube from E. A. Pennanen on Vimeo.

Spit Face
Solo Performance of Spit Face

Spit Face from E. A. Pennanen on Vimeo.

Find more of Emilia Pennanen on her website